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Taking the stress away from temporary recruitment

Taking on a temporary role is an excellent opportunity for anyone looking for a flexible schedule or to explore a new industry. There are many different types of flexible work available, and most large companies are constantly recruiting temporary workers to cover seasonal peaks or holidays or leave for full-time staff.

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Develop and grow your business or career with our network of recruitment specialists behind you. Working with Prestige Recruitment you don't have to go it alone, our dedicated team work with you to find the best candidates and jobs for you and your business to flourish.

Temporary recruitment frequently asked questions

What is our temporary recruitment process?

For employers, our temporary recruitment process involves thorough candidate screening, matching skills to your business's needs and efficiently managing the placement process.

For candidates, the temporary recruitment process typically includes applying for positions, undergoing interviews and assessments, and finally being matched with suitable temporary roles by the Prestige Recruitment.

What are the perks of using a temporary?

Using temporary staff provides businesses with flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. It allows for rapid adjustments to workload changes, avoids long-term commitments, and provides access to specialised skills when required.

Temporary positions offer candidates flexibility, diverse experiences, and the opportunity to gain new skills. They provide a chance to explore different industries and roles while maintaining a work-life balance. Additionally, temporary roles can often lead to permanent opportunities and expand professional networks.

When should my business make the switch from temporary to permanent employment?

Your business should consider transitioning from temporary to permanent employment when there is consistent, long-term demand for the role and the temporary employee has demonstrated reliability, proficiency, and alignment with your company culture. This switch ensures stability and fosters deeper commitment from employees.

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They spent time getting to know us as a business which has helped greatly when we require temporary labour - they know the kind of people we are looking for and understand the roles we ave within the factory environment.

Caledonian , Key Contact

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