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If you're looking for peace of mind and stability, applying for a permanent position is an option you should definitely explore. Permanent job positions can be full or part-time and often come with extra benefits.

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Develop and grow your business or career with our network of recruitment specialists behind you. Working with Prestige Recruitment you don't have to go it alone, our dedicated team work with you to find the best candidates and jobs for you and your business to flourish.

Permanent recruitment frequently asked questions

What is our permanent recruitment process?

Our permanent recruitment process is meticulous, involving thorough candidate sourcing, screening, interviewing, and assessment. We ensure the best match for your business's culture and needs. From identifying candidates to negotiating offers and supporting onboarding, we handle every step of the process.

As a prospective employee, you'll typically apply for permanent positions, attend interviews, and possibly undergo assessments to ensure you're a good fit for the company. If selected, you'll negotiate your terms of employment and go through any necessary onboarding processes.

When should my business make the switch from temporary to permanent employment?

Your business should consider transitioning from temporary to permanent employment when there is consistent, long-term demand for the role and the temporary employee has demonstrated reliability, proficiency, and alignment with your company culture. This switch ensures stability and fosters deeper commitment from employees.

Years of experience in permanent recruitment


Prestige has always supplied us with personnel to fit the man specification. The consultants respond quickly to our manning needs and keeps us updated as to progress when filling a vacancy.

We would recommend them as suppliers of technical labour.

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