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Protecting Workers from Modern Day Slavery

Although it should be unthinkable in 2018, modern slavery and human trafficking is happening right now, across the country. In the UK, current estimates from the National Crime Agency (NCA) put the number of victims in the tens of thousands.

Victims are subjected to a wide range of abuse and exploitation, including forced labour, labour exploitation, domestic servitude, sexual exploitation and criminal exploitation – and there is no region of the UK that’s unaffected.

At Prestige, we see it as our responsibility to protect candidates and workers from modern slavery, human trafficking and all forms of exploitation – ensuring that everyone who comes through our door is treated fairly, paid properly and enjoys safe, appropriate working conditions.

In this post, we explore some of the risks facing workers in the UK in terms of labour and criminal exploitation, and explain what we do as a recruitment business to protect our candidates and reduce the risk of modern slavery.

Labour and criminal exploitation

As a recruitment business, we sadly come across a few different forms of modern slavery. The main forms we come across are related to labour exploitation:

Labour and criminal exploitation

  • Victims exploited in isolated environments– where victims are exploited for labour in isolated, rural locations. Usually, victims are forced to live on the offenders’ property in very poor conditions, without pay.
  • Victims working for offenders– where victims are forced to work directly for offenders in businesses that they control. Often, the offenders are gang masters. In these cases, victims are either criminally underpaid, or not paid at all.
  • Victims working for someone other than offenders – where victims are employed in a legitimate job with legal working conditions, by a legitimate employer. However, a proportion of/all of their wages are taken by offenders, usually through control of the victim’s bank accounts.
  • Victims forced to work in illegal activities – where victims are forced to provide labour for illegal purposes.
  • Financial fraud where victims are exploitedfinancially. They may have their identity documents stolen, which could be used to claim fraudulent benefits.

Often, victims are subjected to threats, violence, financial and emotional blackmail by offenders to maintain control.

Preventing Modern Slavery at Prestige

At Prestige, we’re passionate about protecting our candidates, and have introduced robust systems and training to help minimise the risk of human trafficking and modern slavery.

We work closely with several organisations, including the Gangmaster Labour and Abuse Authority (GLAA), Association of Labour Providers (ALP), Stronger Together, Local Police Authorities and Immigration in the development of our processes and procedures. The aim of this is to make it very difficult for criminals to target our workers or candidates.

We raise awareness and provide support to candidates from the moment they first walk into our offices, and throughout the process - during registration, inductions and by displaying notices across all offices and onsite facilities around the country.

Our consultants are trained to spot the signs of exploitation during interviews and inductions, and our compliance team checks data weekly to identify potential issues and raise concerns. If we have any concern that exploitation may be occurring, this is investigated fully, and reported wherever appropriate.

Getting help and support

If you are a victim of modern day slavery or human trafficking, suspect that someone you know has become a victim, or have concerns about a business in the UK that may be involved, then there are lots of people you can call for help and support:

  • Modern Slavery Helpline – 08000 121 700
  • Gangmaster Labour and Abuse Authority – GLAA – 0800 432 0804
  • Migrant Help – 08000 121 700
  • Police (non-emergency) - 101
  • Salvation Army – 0300 3038151
  • The Samaritans – 116 123

If you think any of the businesses employing Prestige Recruitment candidates are engaged in any form of exploitation or unethical employment practices, please get in touch directly with our head office on 01482 212581.

Quality recruitment support from Prestige

At Prestige, we’re 100% committed to creating a safe, positive and fair working environment for the benefit of our candidates – offering an ethical, professional service that protects everyone.

Additional information about the way we work, our industry accreditations, awards and association memberships can be found at Alternatively, for more about how we can help your organisation source the right talent your business needs – please get in touch with your local office today.

Posted: Fri 06 Apr 2018
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