Prestige – A Culture of Respect, Equality and Support

Whether you are looking for a job or in need of candidates, it pays to have the support of a recruitment firm that shares your values.

At Prestige, we always aim to do things the right way – it’s how we’ve built up the business. The way we work, the way we treat our clients and candidates, and the policies we enact are all underpinned by a clear culture and strong values.

In this post, we take a closer look at the culture here at Prestige, examining some of our policies and how these are designed to benefits clients and candidates alike.

Diversity and Inclusion

We are proud to be a truly inclusive recruitment company.

Inside the organisation, our team includes people from a diverse range of backgrounds, and we are resolutely committed to providing equal opportunities for all, regardless of age, race, gender, identity, background or belief.

The same applies to all the candidates that come to us. In practice, that means working hard to ensure that all our clients really share these values, in terms of recruitment policies, working practices and opportunities for advancement.

Preventing Modern Day Slavery

In the UK, current estimates from the National Crime Agency (NCA) put the number of victims of modern day slavery in the tens of thousands each year. We want to help end this.

We’re passionate about protecting our candidates, fighting against human trafficking and modern day slavery and enacting robust systems in place to minimise the risk to our candidates, from the moment they walk into our office.

In practice, this means working closely with a range of associations, including the Gangmaster Labour and Abuse Authority (GLAA), Association of Labour Providers (ALP), Stronger Together, Local Police Authorities and Immigration to make it very difficult for criminals to target our candidates.

It also means investing heavily in training – ensuring that our team members can spot the warning signs of exploitation. Finally, it means thoroughly vetting the clients we work for, consistently monitoring candidates, thoroughly investigating concerns and reporting to the authorities as soon as required.

Further information about our approach and systems can be found on our Modern Day Slavery Statement.

Supporting Mental Health and Wellbeing

Approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem in the next year. At Prestige, we support mental health and wellbeing, both in our own team, and in the client organisations we work with.

Inside the organisation, we take active steps to create a culture of understanding and support. This year, we’ve invested in staff training to help raise awareness, and held an internal seminar designed to promote mental health within all our workplaces. In Hull, we partnered with mental health charity HEY Mind at Humber Business Week.

This extends to helping candidates suffering with mental health difficulties – providing an open, non-judgemental and supportive recruitment service that comes from a place of understanding.

Quality recruitment support from Prestige

At Prestige, we’re 100% committed to creating and promoting safe, positive and fair working environments for the benefit of our candidates and clients alike – offering an ethical, professional service that protects everyone.

Come to Prestige as a client or as a candidate, and you will be treated in the same way – fair, honest and respectful support, from a professional team that’s there to help.

Additional information about the way we work, our industry accreditations, awards and association memberships can be found at Alternatively, for more about how we can help your organisation source the right talent your business needs – please get in touch with your local office today.

Posted: Thu 28 Jun 2018
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