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Date posted: Wed 01 Nov 2023

A Month of Mindfulness and Growth at Prestige Recruitment Specialist LTD

Nurturing Employee Wellbeing in October and Beyond

At Prestige Recruitment, we believe that employee wellbeing is not just a goal; it's a journey. As October unveiled, our organisation embarked on a month-long odyssey dedicated to the holistic health and happiness of our team members. Through various activities and initiatives.

 Mindfulness Sessions and Stress Reduction Workshops

Staff from all levels throughout the organisation attending training and mindfulness workshop sessions throughout the course of October. These sessions, led by experienced facilitators, provided our employees with practical tools to manage stress, raising awareness around menopause and increasing focus. By equipping our team with mindfulness techniques.

 Physical Wellness Challenges

A healthy body is the foundation of a healthy mind. Throughout the course of the month we introduce ‘walk-tober’, this was our internal step competition. Throughout the course of the month the company walked 908464 steps (which is equivalent to walking from Hull to Plymouth).

 Community Engagement Initiatives

Wellbeing extends beyond our internal stakeholders; it encompasses the community we are a part of. Throughout the course of the month we have been supporting underfunded charities such as, Andy’s Man Club, Sight Support, Read Easy and Breast Cancer Awareness.


Recognition and Appreciation

Lastly, we recognised and appreciated the hard work and dedication of our employees. Each month we do ‘Employee of the month’, this allows each employee to nominate their colleague to for going above and beyond within their role. Feeling valued and appreciated is fundamental to employee wellbeing, and we made it a priority to express our gratitude genuinely.


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