How to Stand Out from the Crowd at Work

Starting a new job is an exciting time and an opportunity to really show your new employer what you’re capable of achieving. In order to hit the ground running, we’ve put together some practical advice that will help you to stand out from the crowd at work.


Demonstrate your reliability

An employee that instantly and consistently shows that they’re reliable and dependable is much more likely to climb the career ladder. There are multiple ways to do this, such as:

  • Always start your shift on time. If you’re going to be late for any reason, call your employer immediately to let them know the cause of the delay and when you expect to arrive. If you’re held up by traffic, set off a little earlier from that day forward.
  • Start each morning with energy, focus and dedication. A willingness to work will always be noticed and appreciated by an employer.
  • Take your lunch and breaks at their scheduled times, as these will be outlined in your contract and prevent employee burnout. However, make sure that they never overrun and that you’re always back at your workstation at the expected time.
  • Always deliver what’s expected of you. If there are any issues holding you back in terms of quality or consistency, discuss them with your line manager and work together to find a solution.


Be proactive

The best kind of employee is one that takes ownership over their work. This means working in a responsible way and being accountable for mistakes, as this will show your employer that you’re serious about continuous improvement.

  • The more you know about the company you work for, the more you can play a role in making it a success. Don’t blinker yourself within your department – explore how the wider business works and get involved with other activities, such as fundraising campaigns, staff events, mentoring new starters, and so on.
  • Ongoing skills development will benefit you as an individual as well as the company as a whole. If there are any opportunities to learn new things and take optional training, discuss them with your manager. This could be anything from a First Aid course to becoming an expert in specific software.
  • If you ever find yourself ahead of schedule, ask your manager if you can offer another member of staff assistance with their workload for an agreed period of time.


Work well with others

By their very nature, businesses are collaborative environments that require a team effort. The most successful employees are those who communicate clearly, support their colleagues, share information and resources, and have an active interest in achieving shared goals and milestones.


Respect others

Everyone appreciates respect and it’s very much a two-way street. There may be times when you’re feeling stressed but this isn’t an excuse for impolite behaviour. The key is to bear in mind how you would like to be treated by others and lead by example at all times.

Respect comes in many forms, such as allowing others to speak during a conversation, adhering to all of your employer’s work policies, dressing accordingly, keeping your workstation tidy, and being the best version of yourself every day of the week.


Maintain a can-do attitude

The fact that you landed this role means that your employer recognises your abilities and believes that you’re the best person for the job. It’s your duty to continually demonstrate that they were right to hire you by excelling in your role.

It’s amazing how much a positive mental attitude can bring to the table, as it will prevent you from losing track of your tasks and goals. Rather than always going with the flow, a can-do approach is also about improving processes where possible. For instance, if you think that you could get more work done by making small changes, suggest them to your manager and see if they can be applied. This attention to detail will pay off and enable you to accomplish more on a daily basis.


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Posted: Sat 21 Aug 2021
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