How to Excel in Your Next Interview

Prestige Recruitment is here to find you the perfect temporary or permanent role to suit your abilities, lifestyle and career goals. In order to make the process run more smoothly, we also help candidates to polish their interview techniques and become more confident when applying for a job. Below are a few tips for making your next interview a huge success.



Research the industry and company

First and foremost, an interviewer wants to see that you understand the role you’re applying for and how the wider industry works. This can include recent changes within the specific sector, what the company does and its unique placement in the wider landscape, and why your experience and skills are relevant to the position.

Browsing through the company’s website and social media channels prior to the interview can make all the difference, plus reading the latest news on relevant topics will add depth to your interview.


Why do you want the job?

We all need to keep busy and earn a wage, but why do you want this job in particular? Interviewers will want to hear specific reasons behind your application, so it’s crucial that you explain why their company and the role itself are right for you.


Be ready for common and unexpected questions

“What can you bring to the company?” is a common question in interviews, whereas “What would you do if you were trapped in a lift?” is the type of question designed to get a creative response.

Sometimes interviews are very straightforward but many companies like to throw a curveball and get you thinking. Whilst there are many questions you can prepare for, you also need to prevent autopilot from kicking in so that you can respond to unexpected queries.


Be positive and confident throughout

This is a tricky one. You need to be positive without coming across as flippant, and confident without seeming cocky. People who are chatty and outgoing will find this easier to achieve than those who are more nervous during interviews, but either way you need to show the interviewers that you want to be there and believe that you deserve the role.  


Establish a relationship

Interviews require you to talk about yourself a lot, yet that doesn’t mean it has to all be about you. Finding opportunities to have genuine conversations with your interviewers can really set you apart from the competition. It could be an industry-related topic or a brief chat about a common interest, such as sport, arts or charity work. If you mention something and notice that the person opposite you clearly shares the same passion, don’t be afraid to go more in-depth and build a rapport.


Don’t forget body language

You may be wearing the perfect outfit and have flawless hair, but that won’t mean much if your body language is way off the mark. Getting this right isn’t too difficult, just remember to sit back in your seat without slouching, nod your head whilst listening, refrain from fidgeting, make eye contact regularly, and above all else, make sure to breathe.

That last one might sound silly but some candidates forget to take a breath whilst answering questions, which causes them to become flustered and lose rhythm.


Practice, practice, practice

Make sure to practice your interview techniques before the big day. This can be by yourself if you wish, although there’s a lot to be said for going through it with a friend or family member. It’s not a case of writing a script because you’ll need to go with the flow in the actual interview, but carrying out a few test runs will help you to collect your thoughts and polish your delivery.


Don’t be put off by rejection

There will be a lot of other people going for the same role and the company can’t hire everyone. If you don’t get the job this time, keep improving your technique and you’ll land a job soon enough. Put simply, never give up!


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Posted: Sun 07 Feb 2021
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