How to Build Good Working Relationships in Your New Job

Starting a new job can be daunting – a new setting, new responsibilities and new people!

After getting to grips with your new role, one of the most important things you need to do is build good working relationships with your new colleagues.

Often, this can be a challenge. All you’ll get is the dreaded tour round, where you’re introduced to hundreds of people and are expected to remember their names – then you’re on your own.

Don’t worry! Build friendships, gain the respect of your colleagues and cultivate positive, mutually beneficial working relationships with help from our top tips.

Top Tips For Making Friends In Your New Job

  1. Workplace Courtesy Costs Nothing

This one is easy – be nice and polite. Greet people in a warm, friendly manner. Look them in the eyes. Say hello. These are the first building blocks to any professional relationship.

People like it when you remember their names. It shows respect. Refer to people by their name, and if you can’t remember them – it’s best to ask early! People will forgive you for not knowing their names in the first couple of weeks.

  1. A Positive Attitude On The Job

A ‘can do’ attitude goes a long way. Be generous with your time, willing to help and there to offer your experience and expertise wherever it’s needed and appreciated.

  1. Learn the ropes

Every organisation is different – so it’s important you get to know how things work in your new role. Taking some time to understand your colleagues, the structure of the organisation, the systems and the culture. Understanding how things work is the first step towards integrating yourself into any new group of people. 

  1. Take the initiative

Show what you can do straight away, and get stuck in wherever you can. Many organisations tend to take it easier on new employees to give them time to bed in. Showing you’re ready and willing to step up straight away will make a great impression with your new colleagues. Don’t wait to be told what to do, and if you run out of things to do – let someone know.

  1. Avoid gossiping

Starting a new job is a lot like starting at a new school. Avoid getting involved in the inevitable office politics at this stage. It’s best to keep an open mind and give everyone a chance. Don’t be tempted to get involved in the in-jokes or tribalism until you’ve got your feet under the table!

  1. Get involved

Getting involved in formal and informal work events is a great way to build relationships with your new colleagues. Whether it’s Friday lunch, after work drinks or a running club – spending time with your colleagues away from the workplace is a great way to build new friendships and connections.

  1. Be someone to trust

Proving you’re honest, trustworthy and dependable is essential. Fulfilling your promises, following through on the work you do and being open with your colleagues will help to break down barriers and build professional respect.

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Posted: Tue 02 Apr 2019
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